[Gods12] a couple of essays on sailing, piracies, and cocktails

Mark Stephen Meadows mark at markmeadows.com
Fri Apr 19 08:22:30 PDT 2013

hi there ~

no, i'm not dead yet, and so i return to offer you some essays on sailing, searching for 
gold, and navigating cultural waters in Central America. i hope they entertain, interest, 
and discourage you from being boarded by pirates. i hope you can join me as i try figure 
out why people kill each other for yellow rocks and whether toucan tastes as good as chicken.

here are two:

★ Sailing down the coast of Central America I took some notes but the main thing of value 
here is the molotov cocktail recipe.

★ Piracy evolution in a Small Nicaraguan Community: there are less laws in Nicaragua than 
the States, which makes it, uh, lawless.

note that these are from frikkin' years ago, which wouldn't do at all if i were reporting 
on bitcoin, breaking bad, or boston bombings, but fortunately i have far more mundane 
reports to make. i hope their shelf life - full of adjectival preservatives - satisfies.

more to come in a few days; i doubt i'll get over this any time soon.


- msm

PS: currently anchored in taboga, panama, but bouncing around in economy class more than 
we'd like.
expect more next week. thanks for reading.


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