[Gods12] 20 new illustrations, and an update

Mark Stephen Meadows mark at markmeadows.com
Thu Feb 24 13:31:44 PST 2011

Hello from somewhere near N17°40, W101°38 ~

We're anchored near a south Mexican town named Zihuatenejo.  The Blue 
Goose rocks softly on the spring tide and a northerly breeze has 
started, which we hope to ride south in the coming weeks.  It is 
profoundly blue.

To business. 

20 new illos is a lot, but I had to update last year,
and I had a couple I finished yesterday, in the new 2011 secion,
and a kind fellow named Dan sent me some files that were from my first 
Photoshop project, in February of '95,
    ... so it added up.  (hi dan)

I've added a purchase function to some of these, and can now get some 
damn fine prints and posters in the mail in about 24 hours. 

Meanwhile, there's three television producers that are all interested in 
making some kind of television series about my "life and adventures," 
though everyone seems confused as to whether it should be about robots, 
warzones, pirates, sailing, or just unvarnished stupidity.  The book on 
Mexico has come to a pause as the publishing world is a burning boat, 
and all the rats are swimming for their lives.  And we hope to see the 
release of our iPad project (the fables book) someday soon.

Activities on the boat continue such as kareening, rowing, repairing 
sails, and making such obscure things as baggywrinkles and ratlines.  
And trying to save money (I'm becoming very good at not making any) by 
trying to catch fish.  Which probably burns more time than it saves 
money, but its bloody fun. 

Speaking of catching fish, attached is a photo of a whale that jumped up 
behind the boat, just off the coast of Manzanillo, last week.  Sorry if 
I sent it to you yesterday, but it's worth looking at again.  It was a 
terrifying thing, really, the impact it made, and I don't care to have 
whales this close to my house.

I'll write up a short essay on the adventures of the past month as soon 
as possible.

Until then, if you need to escape the winter, come visit, and otherwise 
enjoy the illos.

    - MSM



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