[Gods12] October: Central Sea of Cortez (Chubasco!) & Paintings

Mark Stephen Meadows mark at markmeadows.com
Sun Oct 3 12:58:25 PDT 2010

Hi again ~

Here's the month's message-in-a-bottle, in which we suffer yet more 
abuses dealt by high winds and heavy waters.  We survived, and 
obviously, and the spanking made better sailors out of us, taught us 
some good lessons, and I've attached the illustration that sort of 
explains it all, in case you dont have time to read it.  Otherwise, hie 
thee here:

Meanwhile, there were four commissioned paintings or prints that went 
out this month (thank you) and more illustrations are up on the site here:

And in local news, Amelie and I are headed up to San Diego and 
potentially will venture into the Inland Empire, as that mythic land is 
sometimes called.  But the Mexicans are saying we're crazy, and that we 
could get shot if we go to LA, and that crossing the border is very, 
very dangerous.  Fortunately, she and I both speak English fluently.

More next month.

Thanks for reading.

    - MSM

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