[Gods12] ok, here it is... annc / invite [gods12]

Mark Stephen Meadows mark at markmeadows.com
Thu Jul 15 20:40:02 PDT 2010

It took me about a year to get to this point.  I kept false-starting 
because I want to improve something, so after 6 months of hemming and 
hawing, here it is, as-is.

The "Gods By The Dozen" message-in-a-bottle. 
    Your invitation to the party is folded up below.

First (as you probly know) I'm on a rather odd sailing adventure / book 
research project. I'm following in the wake of a Conquistador named 
Francisco de Ulloa, comparing what he saw in 1532 with the changes I 
find today as I anchor in the same bays / beaches / etc.   Poseidon's 
been in a good mood so far as we've floated our little boat up as far as 
Guaymas.  Tomorrow I leave for a rather insane solo-sail of about a week 
(amelie's in France).  We hope the boat holds together as we interview 
drug cartel bosses, search for the origins of swine flu, avoid humpback 
whales, and dodge scurvy.

For the following week or so i'll be offline as I'll be on the way up to 
Puerto Penasco. Here's whats happening now:
    (sorry its rough - I'll improve these in the coming weeks, but as I 
said, as-is)

As for your invite for the 7th and 8th, chances are you've already 
gotten it, but please look here:

We'll be building some kind of weird inner-tube raft thing, and burning 
stuff on the water while downing tequila and swimming.  Please come join us.

This list is a compilation of about 25 friends, writers, painters, 
inventors, photographers, and other adventurers.  Most of you know each 
another, and I'll do intros someday.

So much for that.

Stay tuned, and thanks.

    - MSM


PS: Feel free to post, unsubscribe or change stuff at 
http://markmeadows.com/list/.  Or just tell me and I can do it for you.  
I'm gonna monitor this for the first month or so, fyi.

PPS: If you're wondering what "Gods By The Dozen" has to do with 
anything, it's a Montaigne quote: "Man is quite insane. He can't create 
a mite, but he will build gods by the dozen.  Just listen to Hermes 
Trismegistus praising our abilities; 'Of all the things that can 
astonish us, one of them has really surpassed astonishment itself; Man's 
capacity to discover divine nature, and then to make it.'"
    - An Apology for Raymond Sebond (II:12), by Michel de Montaigne 
(1533 - 1592)



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