[Cyclecide] Pedal Regatta Call for Entries

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Call for Entries
The First Annual Cyclecide Pedal Regatta is November 5, 2011!
Location TBD
Fabulous Prizes!
There will be 2 classes: Amphibious & Pedal Boat
The Rules are as follows:
Rule #1: Pedal Power Only. No motors, batteries, harnessed dolphins/octopi
Rule #2: Your Vessel must have a Beer Holder
Rule #3: If The Man (US Coast Guard/SFPD) shows up, you are trying out for Deadliest Catch Season 12 & the Discovery Channel told you to be here.
Interested Parties should contact Commodore Brömmel at jay(at)cyclecide(dot)com
I, (Jay Broemmel), promise to not enter the Canoecycle, http://www.treehugger.com/galleries/2011/09/10-mind-blowing-bike-hacks.php?page=8 , so everyone will have a chance to win.
Some ideas for designs can be found here:

See you in November!
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