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Tuesday, October 23rd, Austin, Texas

Hey Everybody, Augi here, checking in from Cafe Mundi in Austin, having a latte and tapping on Jerico's laptop. The weather is once again beautiful, you would have no idea these balmy skies tried to burn us up on Saturday, drown us Sunday night and then freeze our bones all day Monday. 

I'm happy to report that Maker Faire Austin was a success. The Maker Faire folks took really good care of us, they fed us lots of BBQ, and their editors gave us a blue ribbon on Sunday for being one of their favorite exhibits.We teamed up with Bike Jeremy (also known as Saint Jeremy for his ability to perform mechanical miracles in our hour of need) and the Austin Cycle Circus. Thanks to them our tall bike jousting had a new twist- a tall bike versus a gigantic scorpion bike. We also found a displaced Dead Baby named Chalo who is a stellar bike fabricator and his partner, singer-songwriter Datri Bean. On Sunday Dead Baby Dave talked Datri into singing her heart-breakingly beautiful ragtime songs on our solar-powered stage. That stage was amazing by the way. Sustainable Waves called Dale Friday afternoon and offered it and then Dale offered it to us and we said sure because we had seen their stages before on previous Fat Tire tours, but we were not
 prepared for their Solar Stage 3.0, which was rock-star worthy and made all the other bands jealous. We're kidnaping Chalo and Datri and taking them to New Orleans with us (actually they're following us in their bus of their own accord but kidnapping makes us sound dangerous and charismatic). I wish we could tie Bike Jeremy to our trailer too, he always helps us out so much its hard to imagine how we get by without him.
We've packed the bus and trailer back up but we're not quite out of town yet. We had to make flyers for our show here at Cafe Mundi on November 4th, and we had to replace the tire that blew out and a flat on the trailer. We've still got to fix a taillight on the trailer and the clutch and rear differential are acting funny. We need to get it looked at but don't know if we can manage it ourselves or if we need to spend another day in Austin. We have a tentative date in New Orleans for the 27th so Jerico is pressing for us to leave tonight.

Gurgis is making dinner, Xtian and Dave went to watch the bats, and Metric Ben is looking for someone to marry. Just another night on tour. 

Wish you were here.



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