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Thu Oct 11 11:36:49 PDT 2007

Hey Riders,
Cyclecide has a new school bus!  
We have a bunch of prep to do before we can get on the road, so if you can come down to HQ, ACE junk yard, today (Thursday night / Friday morning), we could really use the help with loading, prepping the bus, and feeding the all the helpers.
Please call Jarico if you think you can come down: (415) 571-3458
If you are out of town or flying in for the shows here is the latest tour schedule:

Leave this weekend, drive to Austin via 40 or 10

Maker Faire press day and party: Thursday October 18th
Maker Faire Show dates: Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st at

One day for break down then leave for New Orleans
New Orleans show at Johnny Feral's place, weekend 27th-28th
Halloween in New Orleans, 
then back to Austin for shows Nov 2nd-3rd, possibly at Mundi. 
Bike Jeremy is looking into a larger space to play.
Maybe a weeknight gig in Tucson, maybe the Hotel Congress.
Next stop Phoenix, hope to get a show at the Ice House weekend of November 9th-10th,

Then back to SF by October 12th.

-Laird Rickard 
Cyclecide Rodeo Klown
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