[Cyclecide] Tour update- NOLA, Austine Redux and Dallas

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Thu Nov 8 20:09:34 PST 2007

Hello Everybody, Augi again, back in San Francisco where the sun is weak
and the coffee is strong.

I'm sorry to say that I've left the tour and rejoined the cubicle set,
where it is frowned upon to imbibe whiskey while working and changing your
clothes once a day isn't necessarily enforced but is strongly encouraged.
On the upside, I've had TWO showers in the past 48 hours.

Anyway, the tour goes on. By now the "Dude Bus" (there's been a serious
shortage of the fair sex on this tour) has probably left Dallas and is
hightailing West to Phoenix, Arizona. They've got to make it by the 10th
in order to get Xtian and Metal Mike on their scheduled flights back to
SF. Cross your fingers that the bus can make it in time, because those
tires are just no good. We had another blowout returning to Austin from
New Orleans, which means another $600 will have to spent for a spare.

I have only the fuzziest idea of how the Dallas show went, as my source
was hungover and in the middle of reloading the bus when I checked in this
afternoon. I got the impression it was rowdy, as Laird's comment was that
the proceeds from the door will most likely be needed to repair all the
bikes that were broken during the event. I'm not terribly surprised as our
hosts refer to themselves as the Diabolicrats and their annual event is
the Disturbathon, pictures of which can be found on the web and are all
rather naughty, or gross, or both. Naughty or nice, it was kind of them to
offer their space at such short notice and I hope everybody had fun.

Everyone here asks me "How was New Orleans?". It's hard to say. The shows
at Architect Alley I'd say were a success, and we met some nice people and
I think good groundwork was laid to bring the tour back that way next year
with even better results. But the City herself, she's a shadow of what she
was when I was last there in 2003 and 2005, pre-Katrina. Mayor Nagin said
85% of the populace has come back, but there's just no way that is true.
The 9th Ward is just a wasteland, and even the relatively untouched
Marigny was quiet, so quiet at night, when in the past the streets would
still be lively up until dawn. You talk to some of the locals like Dr. Bob
and they have hair-raising stories to tell you about what it was like, but
they're just as friendly as they ever were, and the booze keeps flowing
and the music keeps playing, and the food is still rich and heavy.
Something about that place just turns the emotions up to eleven: there
were fights, there were love connections, some people were supremely
generous (special thanks to Johnny Feral for letting 11 rodeo clowns run
through his house for four days, and to the staff and owners of the Mardi
Gras Zone for letting us use Architect Alley and asking for absolutely
nothing in return) and some people literally robbed us in the night: 30
gallons of gas was siphoned from the bus's tank while we slept. I was
really sad to leave as I didn't get to explore as much as I would have
liked, but at the same time a part of me felt I was lucky to get out while
I still relatively unscathed by all the heat and drama.

Going back to Austin felt safe and homey in comparison. Returning to Cafe
Mundi felt like visiting an old friend, and Datri and Chalo opened up
their home to us, giving Bike Jeremy a break from playing host. They let
us use their shower and their wireless internet and play with their
kitties and eat their enchiladas. Lots of folks came to the show, the
music was great, and so, Cyclecide and the staff and owner of Cafe Mundi,
we were all very happy with the event. Datri and Chalo gave me and Renessa
a ride to the airport the next day and I couldn't help but be touched by
their generosity. It makes me feel funny, to realize that this bunch of
rowdy clowns with their beat-up bikes and dinged-up rides inspires people
to be so giving. I forget that to other people, our rides, our bikes, our
show, our music- it's all beautiful and reckless and fun. Well, Datri
Bean, Dead Baby Bike Club, Bike Circus Austin, That Damned Band, Esmerelda
Strange, Life Sized Mousetrap, Mardi Gras Zone, Cafe Mundi, Johnny Feral,
Black Label Bike Club, Goat Man Dan, 57 Winfield Inc, and many others: I
think you're beautiful too.



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